Musik I Mikrobryggeriet - 25/01/24


Musik I Mikrobryggeriet is an expression and celebration of two crafts.
We invite you into our brewery in Porten Vridsløse to sit amongst the tanks, to see and hear a performance from Classically trained Guitar & Flute duo Villén & Sjølin.

As well as hearing their virtuosic interplay and interpretations of Classical pieces you will also hear the duo discuss what is involved in their craft.
Likewise we will be presenting 2 beers to the audience with a guided tasting, to pair with the music, as well as a short talk about Slowburn as a brewery and brewing as a craft.

So, in one cosy evening, we will share some insight into these two crafts as well as sharing enjoyment of the fruits of these crafts. Listen while you drink, drink while you listen.

"The duo Villén & Sjølin has existed since 2015 and consists of flutist and singer, Linnéa Villén and guitarist and arranger, Allan Sjølin. With over 170 concerts and 2 CD releases together, they are a duo with a solid, imaginative and experienced, even almost telepathic interaction where humor and wordless communication make up part of the experience."

Taproom doors open at 15:00 and the concert starts at 20:00.

Tickets cost 80kr and include two beers.

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