Slowburn Brewing Co-op is a worker-owned cooperative brewery situated in Hvidovre, just outside Copenhagen. We opened the brewery in August 2019 and are currently a team of 3 people. We brew on a 650 liter brewhouse in our 95m2 space, but are planning for an exciting relocation in 2023!

With our beers we focus on high drinkability, balance and healthy, clean fermentation. We love to brew lagers, West Coast IPA’s and barrel aged sours, but we strive to brew something for every taste.

Our brewery is a worker-owned cooperative. This means that the business is democratically run and governed by the working members of the cooperative via a general assembly. We all have an equal say applying the principle of “one head, one vote”.  We want to create a sustainable and inclusive workplace that is more than just a brewery, and where profits and activities benefit the workers and our surrounding community.

The cooperative structure allows us to remain independent, as there are no owner’s shares to sell to any outside party. We grow the business organically and look forward to welcoming new members to the team as we continue this ever-evolving project.

We follow the 7 cooperative principles.
And you can find the link to our statutes here.