WILD (Sour Beer Bottle Release) PARTY

Vi frigiver 4 nye vildgærede sour øl på flaske fra vores fadlagrings-projekt!
For at fejre dette inviteres du til at komme og smage dem sammen med en lækker ostetallerken og lidt ekstra fest i baren.
Alle 4 øl vil kunne smages fra hanerne og fra 75 cl flasker.
Man kan selvfølgelig også købe flaskerne med hjem så de kan gøre godt på julebordet eller under træet.
Vi parrer de 4 øl med 4 lækre oste fra hele verden! Ostetallerkenen kan bestilles direkte i baren indtil udsolgt for 80 kr. Mere oste-info kommer snart.


We are releasing 4 new wild Sour Beers in bottle from our barrel aging project!
To celebrate this we are inviting you to come and taste them with a paired cheese plate and a little extra party in the bar.

The 4 beers will be pouring on draft as well as available in 750ml bottles.
You will of course be able to purchase the bottles for take-away, perfect for the Christmas table or stocking.
We will pair the 4 beers with 4 delicious cheeses from around the world! The cheese plate will be sold at the bar until sold out for 80kr. More cheese info to come...


Amalthaea - Barrel-Aged Sour Beer with Garden Fruits - 6,5%

Amalthaea, in Greek mythology, is the name of Zeus’s foster-mother that nourished and protected him during his young age. Often represented as a goat, her broken horn was blessed by Zeus to become the Cornucopia, horn of abundance, always overflowing with fruits and produce. This image of abundance is what comes to our minds when we think about this beer.
The beer is a wild fermented sour which has been fermented in one of our red wine barrels with our mixed culture containing Brettanomyces and Lactobacillus. After aging and maturing it was infused with an abundance of mixed berries from the brewer’s own kolonihave garden in Hvidovre.
After 9 months of infusion we blended it 1:1 with our beloved farmhouse Seedling, reaching the beautiful and elegant product that is now Amalthaea. Light pink in color, bright and vibrant in flavour.

Seedling 2023 - Mixed Fermentation Ale aged in Wine Barrels - 4,7%

This is the 4th generation of Seedling! Every year we empty and refill the same barrels containing the same mixed culture, and we are still getting consistently beautiful results.
Seedling is a mixed fermentation ale brewed with barley, wheat, and oats, and aged in wine barrels. After several months of barrel-aging with a mixed culture containing Brettanomyces and Lactobacillus, we naturally carbonated and further conditioned this beer in the bottle. Seedling is dry, refreshing, and delicately tart, with bright notes of citrus and ripe stone fruit. The relatively low alcohol content and soft, inviting mouthfeel make this simple but graceful beer wonderfully drinkable.

Seedling Elderflower - Mixed Fermentation Ale aged in Wine Barrels with Elderflower - 4,7%

Seedling is hands down one of our favourite beers coming out of our production in the old Vridsløselille Statsfængsel in Albertslund. We like it because it is simple, light, extremely drinkable and pairs well with many different foods (see cheese). We also found out through blending, feks Amalthaea, that it works great as a base for addition of fruits and other flavourings, So this year we finally managed to do something that we wanted to do for many years: we hand-picked freshly bloomed Elderflowers from around the prison ground and added them to Seedling ’23 for a relatively quick infusion. The result is something we immediately fell in love with. The funky, citrusy and tart Seedling base offers a perfect canvas for the Elderflower’s aromatics to express themselves, bringing both flowery and earthy notes that add a layer of complexity to an already delicious brew.

Deianira 2023 - Barrel-Aged Sour Ale with Red Wine Grapes - 7,0%

In Greek Mythology Deianira is the daughter of Oeneus, the King responsible for introducing wine to the Greek region of Aetolia. And she was indeed a badass.
Deianira is also our take on an Italian Grape Ale.
After fermenting and aging the ale for 12 months in used red wine barrels with a mixed culture containing Brettanomyces and Lactobacillus, we transferred it to a secondary vessel where it macerated for several months on red wine grapes. The long skin-contact time allows for a thorough extraction of colours and flavours from the grapes together with allowing a further slow fermentation by the beer’s resident culture and the microbial population coming from the grape skins.
This edition of Deianira features a higher amount of grapes per liter of beer compared to previous years and a longer maceration time (9 months versus the usual 6). The result is a beer that is even closer to being a wine, the colour is more intense and the red wine-like notes are predominant.