Slowburn Brewing Co-op

Amalthaea ● BA Mixed Fermentation Sour with Garden Fruits

170,00 kr

Amalthaea is a mixed fermentation sour ale brewed with barley, wheat and oats, fermented and aged in used red wine barrels for 12 months with a mixed culture containing Brettanomyces and Lactobacillus.

After a first period of ageing, it was transferred on top of a mix of hand-picked Raspberries, Tayberries, Blackcurrants, Cherries and Strawberries from the brewer’s own garden for a further 8 months of maceration. 

Before bottling, we blended it back with our light farmhouse ale Seedling, to then go through a bottle conditioning process. 

It presents itself with a very light red colour, carrying elegant notes of berries and wood to the nose. 
It is dry and tart, with a light sharpness given by malic acid from the fruits. 

Best served at 8°C.  This beer will continue to develop in the bottle for several years.

75cl, 6.5% ABV

indeholder gluten

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