Slowburn Brewing Co-op

Nightbreed ● Imperial Stout

65,00 kr

Nightbreed is a 100% barley Imperial Stout brewed by making a "double mash": a second grain infusion is made using the sweet wort from the first infusion instead of water, reaching sugar concentration otherwise unachievable with a single infusion.

We put the malt bill together with the idea of creating something complex, with good roastiness but trying to keep the astringency and acidity of black malts under control. To do so we layered a considerable amount of different kinds of dark caramel malts, and topped everything up with generous amounts of both roasted barley and a very dark torrefied barley malt in its de-husked version. To compensate for the roasted barley character, we aimed to have a high amount of residual sugar left in the finished beer.

The result is a pretty thick stout that landed at 9,1% ABV carrying notes of espresso coffee, coffee grounds, hints of bitter cacao and a touch of dried figs

44cl, 9,1% ABV

Canned on 07/05/24

indeholder gluten

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