Slowburn Brewing Co-op

Pantagruel ● Barrel Aged Imperial Stout

120,00 kr
Bourbon Barrel Aged for 18 months. The barrels previously aged the father of Pantagruel, Gargantua.

Like the giant Pantagruel, the beer resting in this bottle is big, bold and full of personality. A thick and complex wort was fermented using an English yeast that left behind a considerable amount of residual sugars. The black nectar was then transferred to bourbon barrels, just emptied from their first round of stout, where it aged for 18 months. The result is a rich stout showcasing strong oxidation notes of dried plums and figs, with notes of tobacco and oak. The flavour is thick with dried fruits, liquorice, wood with a balanced sweetness. 

50cl - 12% ABV

indeholder gluten

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