Slowburn Brewing Co-op

Seedling Elderflower ● BA Mixed Fermentation Sour

150,00 kr

Seedling Elderflower is a mixed fermentation ale brewed with barley, wheat, and oats, and aged in wine barrels and infused with Elderflower.

After several months of barrel-aging with a mixed culture containing Brettanomyces and Lactobacillus, we naturally carbonated and further conditioned this beer in the bottle.

The funky, citrusy and tart Seedling base offers a perfect canvas for the Elderflower’s aromatics to express themselves, bringing both flowery and earthy notes that add a layer of complexity to an already delicious brew.

The relatively low alcohol content and soft, inviting mouthfeel make this simple but graceful beer wonderfully drinkable.

We hand-picked freshly bloomed Elderflower from around the prison ground and added them to Seedling ’23 for a relatively quick infusion. The result is something we immediately fell in love with. 

We recommend that you enjoy Seedling Elderflower as fresh as possible, but it will continue to develop in the bottle for several years.

75cl, 4.7% ABV

indeholder gluten

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